Masters Program


Masters Program

Isabela Delcourt
Lisa Petrocchi
Master Program - School of Hypnotherapy in Palo Alto, CA

Course Description

The PASOH Masters Program provides students with post-graduate training and 100 hours of continuing education. The program is designed to incorporate each student’s special interests and needs. Upon completion, a Master of Hypnotherapy certification is awarded. It is the objective of this school that you are a qualified, educated, trained. professional hypnotherapist who will be self-employed, or utilizing this training as ancillary to a current profession, or for personal informational use upon completion of this course. The instruction offered leads to the achievement of the learning objectives of this course.


The 100 hours of Master Hypnotherapy Program consists of 4 main categories that build confidence and expertise. Each section requires 25 hours to complete.
  1. PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE OR VOLUNTEER SESSIONS. This section is designed to improve clinical experience. You will work with private clients or volunteers in a private session. A progress report must accompany all case studies that you submit.

  2. SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS. This section is designed to continue advanced training. You will take courses that will fine-tune and update current information and application of hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, and related fields.

  3. SPECIALIZED PROJECT AND DEMONSTRATION (Improves and enhances presentational skills) A project may be developed and demonstrated by students to showcase his/her area of interest.

  4. EDUCATION. This section encourages continuing education. You will take pre-approved hypnotherapy-related courses. For example, you may take a course in Reike, NLP, accounting, or marketing your hypnotherapy practice. Prior to enrollment, you must submit documentation of classroom hours and date of completion.


  • Attend monthly support meetings, 3 hours credit awarded.
  • Curriculum categories can be completed in any order.
  • More than 25 hours completed in one category cannot be transferred to another category.
  • Curriculum categories can be completed in any order.


  • All categories must be completed within 4 months of enrollment.
  • Students will report to PASOH upon completion of each category and submit all documentation.
  • Students are required to attend all scheduled support meetings.

PASOH Provisions

  • Orientation class
  • PASH enrollment agreement
  • Field journal and all forms for documentation
  • Support meeting
  • Support contact with a PASOH mentor
  • PASOH Volunteer Program
  • PASOH seminars and workshops
  • Certification awarded upon completion of all categories



About Instructors

David Wilson - School of Hypnotherapy in Palo Alto, CA
Spanish Hypnotherapy Instructor
She has a private practice in Santa Clara and has been teaching professional hypnotherapy in Spanish at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy since 2009.


Lisa Petrocchi - School of Hypnotherapy in Palo Alto, CA
Administrative Director
Lisa is Administrative Director at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy. She manages their Master and Community Outreach Programs.


$ 500.00
To enroll in this course, please fill out contact for with course name in the comments box.
20 Students
Duration: 100 hours

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