Arleen Patterson

Arleen Patterson
Postal Address:
4149 4149A El Camino Way, Palo Alto, CA 94306

About Arleen Patterson

Arleen has studied at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute (Randal Churchill) where she is certified as a Regression Hypnotherapy Specialist, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Master Hypnotist.

She recently received training at the HypnoBirthing Institute (Marie Mongan, The Mongan Method) and is a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Childbirth Educator.
Her Neurolinguistic trained is from NLPMarin – Masters Certificate and NLP Practitioner and The Federation of NLP Masters Certificate with Dr. Will Horton.

Arleen is a Member of America Council of Hypnotist Examiners and the National Guild Of Hypnotists.

From the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy Arleen has the following certifications as a practitioner:

  • Hypnotherapist Certification
  • Advanced Hypnotherapist
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Medical Hypnotherapist
  • Guided Empathy Meridian Tapping Practitioner
  • Intuitive Studies Certification

She is also trained from the Banyan Hypnosis Center as a Master Hypnotist:

  • 5-Path Age Regression Hypnotherapist
  • 7th Path Self Hypnosis Teacher

Our instructors

Dorthy V. Tyo
Hypnotherapy Instructor

Owner and lead instructor for Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapist, speaker, program developer, intuitive counselor, radio host, and developer of GEMT (Guided Empathy Meridian Tapping).

Certified by PASOH
David Wilson
Hypnotherapy Instructor

Instructor for the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy since 2005 in curriculum: Hypnotherapy 101, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy. Also teaches workshop and course, Ericksonian Hypnosis which David Wilson developed and instructs.

Certified by PASOH